1. What are the advantages of a Made to Measure garment?

The garment is made to your measurements, thereby ensuring a perfect fit. Beyond this, however, is the luxury of personalization. You can create a suit that is uniquely your own by selecting not only the fabric but also the linings, buttons, styling details and silhouette. Another big advantage is the convenience. You only need to undergo the measuring process once. When the fit of your garment has been perfected, your next garment of the same category can be reproduced.

2. How many cloths do you hold that i can choose from?

Around 1000 options in suiting and shirting fabrics.

3. What is the Process?

During our visit we will help you select your fabric and trimmings and discuss the style of suit that you would like. We will then take your measurements and give you an completion date.

4. How long does it take?

On average 8-9 days depending on the fabric selected. We will not take an order unless we are confident that delivery will be on or before the agreed date. However, our endeavour always is to meet a shorter delivery date. Chairman collection garments is a bit of an exception. The trial suit would be delivered in 8-9 days and another week for the actual garment.

5. Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

We normally visit customers either at home or their place of work, whichever is most convenient. Evening and weekend appointments are possible by prior arrangement.

6. How many fittings are there?

There are two. The first is measurement, when you are measured using the Try-ons. When your order is ready for delivery, there is a second fitting to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

7. How long does the initial fitting take?

Normally around 1 hour. We not only measure you but discuss how you like to wear your clothes, your style and fabric preferences.

8. Can you make any size garment?

We can cope with most sizes; however Some sizes are unable to realize.

9. Do you offer different style options?

You can specify every last detail from working cuffs, lapels, buttons, pockets, vents, even the jacket lining.

10. What happens if the garments need some alteration?

We do pride ourselves on the accuracy of our fit. However in the rarest of rare case, should we need to make any final adjustment at the second fitting stage. we will do so at no extra charge.

11. What about repeat orders?

All your measurements are stores in a database and so we can serve you efficiently. However, if the previous order is more than 6 months old, it is suggested to have a re-measurement done.

12. Can I order anything else besides suits?

Yes. We also offer dress shirts, trousers, sport coats, tuxedos, vests and topcoats in our Made to Measure program.

13. Cancellation of orders?

To deliver the garment on time, work needs to be started based on the details (fabric , measurements, design and styling elements) given by you at the time of placing the order. It is the point of no return. Any changes requested beyond this point would not be possible.

14. Do you have any corporate offers?

Please contact Kersasp Bastawala for more details at Kersasp.Bastawala@Raymond.in


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