Raymond Made to Measure is a unique service of premium clothing from the house of Raymond - The Complete Man. This luxurious service allows our discerning customer to personalize their ensemble bringing together their own personal taste. Take a pick from our fabric and contemporize it with an extension of your choice. From suits to formal jackets and shirts to an entire outfit; customize it to what suits your inner style.

Just like an exquisite craft, Made to Measure is the labour of love between art and technology. At the Raymond Made to Measure store, the fashion advisor understands the core needs of a customer to create a personalized style for his suit, trouser, shirt or jacket. The consultant carefully observes and assists the customer on every aspect of style that will best suit him, such as choosing the right kind of lapel, the appropriate cuffs and collars and so on.

Once the decision on style has been established, the customer is given an assortment of fabric swatches and an array of style to choose from. A master tailor then takes precise measurements and gives the closest try-ons. Once the measurements are recorded, the pinning is done according to the body to create the perfect silhouette of the suit. Photographs of the customer are recorded from different angles in order to capture the details of his fit, posture and walk.

The store person then records the customer’s measurements into a database that provides him the convenience of placing future orders from any Raymond Made to Measure store.



The customer’s details are sent to an exclusive garment crafting facility where individual fabric pieces are precisely cut by laser. The fabric then undergoes 150 machine operations over a period of 7 days to create a unique signature garment. From fusing collars and lapels at regulated temperatures to careful blending of canvas, each process ensures the highest standards of quality for the customer’s personalized garment. Hence, perfect fit and an edge to every customer style are guaranteed. The garment is delivered at the stipulated date with the exclusive label defining its rich trademark craftsmanship bringing out the sartorial elegance in every man.